Auto Edge 987 Cayman / Boxster Performance


987 3.4L 310 Kit

Headers, Air Inlet Mod, and ECU Re-flash


987.1 3.4L 350 Kit
Headers, Mufflers, large Throttle Body / Intake Plenum, Air Inlet Mod, ECU Re-flash


987 Turbo Kit 400 +



Cayman Street / Track Suspension

Stage 1 Street / Track

Sport Sway Bars

Stage 2 Street / Track

Adjustable Coil-over Suspension 

Stage 3 Street / Track

Combines Stage1&2
For an agressive street / track day setup.

Stage 4 Street / Track

Adjustable coil overs, Adjustable sway bars, drop links,
and two piece shimable front control arms

Cayman Full Race Suspension