Prevent IMS failure


Take the concern out of owning a 996 or Boxster

Have the Pros at Auto Edge replace your IMS rear bearing
with an improved IMS bearing retrofit kit
before Engine replacement is your only option.
Replacing the IMS rear bearing with the improved IMS rear bearing retrofit kit is reasonable insurance for a problem that all of the 996s and 986 Boxsters will have at some point in there life. There is no good way to predict when and what would cause this to happen on any car over another. That is why it is a good thing to do before there is a problem that requires engine replacement
Dont wait to find metal shavings in your oil filter 
by that time if may be too late.
One of the main problems is that went the engine is not running the oil creeps into the bearing seals
and gets trapped. That trapped oil gets overheated and does not drain when the oil is changed.
On top of being a higher heat and load rated bearing the retrofit bearing does not have a back seal this alows the bearing to get slash oil from the engine and drain quickly.
Once the transmission, clutch, and flywheel are removed for the IMS rear bearing replacement the RMS(rear main seal), clutch, and flywheel can be inspected and replaced if needed.


 Click here for more info on the research and testing that went into the development of the IMS bearing retrofit kit. 


Here are pictures of some of the IMS rear bearing that we have replaced 
New IMS rear bearing retrofit kit installed
Failed dual row IMS rear bearing only the center race left on the support flange 
Pile of old IMS rear bearings going back for inspection
IMS rear bearing out of 99 996
Very close to completely failing!
Metal shavings from inside IMS shaft.

Very loose! and seal worn away.


What about 05 though 09 997s, Boxsters, and Caymans?

997s and 987 Boxsters and Caymans have larger IMS rear bearings
Failures are less frequent but the possibility is still there.
They are not replaceable without complete disassembly of the engine
what can be done is removal of the rear bearing seal
this allows the bearing to get splash oil and prevents oil from getting trapped in the bearing